Brief Information about Coalition Homecare in Georgia

Coalition Homecare in Georgia is the union of homecare service provider organizations working in Georgia; its aim is to promote institutional development of homecare in Georgia. Coalition’s mission is to promote realization of the rights of care-needed people through ensuring quality homecare. Main goals of the organization are:

  • To promote the rights of care-needed disabled persons;
  • To develop homecare system in Georgia;
  • To promote health and social assistance system in Georgia.

Coalition was established in 2006. Since 2007 Coalition has been implementing various project with the purpose of on one hand, to develop Georgian homecare model and on another hand, to lobby the mentioned model with the purpose of its establishment. In 2009 Coalition was awarded international quality certificate ISO 9001:2008 by SocialCert GmbH. In 2011 Coalition became the full member of Homecare Europe. In 2013 Coalition and other networks established Georgian Platform on Care.

  • Taoba – one of the pioneer organizations in homecare in Georgia, working with the elderly, having ISO certificate in the field of health and social care, working since 1993.
  • Man and Nature – also, one of the pioneers in homecare which has the unique college for training homecare nurses in Georgia, working since 1991;
  • Cancer Prevention Centre – The pioneer and the leader in palliative care in Georgia, provider of homecare, having own palliative care hospice, working since 2000;
  • Genesis – NGO working since 1995 in the field of primary health care and also providing homecare service;
  • Nunnery Mercy Centre – working since 2006. It has college of nurses, hospice and homecare service;
  • Evangelical Lutheran Diaconal Work in Georgia (ELDWG) – since 1999, one of its services is provision of homecare to vulnerable population in Georgia;
  • Samaritans Union of Georgia – charity institution providing homecare since 1992, a member of Samaritan International (ASB).
  1. Policy Paper on Development of Homecare in Georgia is drafted and presented to the Parliament of Georgia;
  2. Coalition developed all components of homecare model: service package, procedures, documentation forms, software, professional standards, retraining curriculum, code of ethics, costing system, quality management system (ISO 9001:2008);
  3. Homecare Programs in 4 municipalities are elaborated and implemented;
  4. Civic monitoring system for homecare municipal programs in 3 cities is created, voluntaries are mobilized;
  5. Information on homecare is disseminated in 16 municipalities;
  6. Information on aging, long-term care and homecare is spread by the Georgian media which shows a growing interest in these issues.
  1. Road Map on Aging for Georgia is drafted which contains recommendation on the development of homecare;
  2. National Concept on Aging is drafted and adopted by the Parliament of Georgia;
  3. Draft Government Action Plan on Aging is elaborated;
  4. The state action plan on the persons with Disabilities has been drafted. It considers homecare service in both healthcare and social assistance component;
  5. The State Strategy on Human rights and corresponding action plan was designed which contains development of homecare;
  6. Palliative homecare program is being implemented in 6 cities of Georgia;
  7. The ministry of Education implements reform of nursing education. The draft program contains teaching of homecare with the Coalition module;
  8. State classification of healthcare organizations includes hospice, long-term care and homecare organizations;
  9. The Law of Georgia on Healthcare incorporates the notion of long-term care and includes the obligation to develop technical regulations;
  10. The Law of Georgia on Healthcare includes classification of palliative care and the obligation to develop technical regulations;
  11. The scale of advocacy for elderly by the Coalition increased from national to regional level (involving 4 Eastern Partnership countries).